Due to the lockdown induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, all non-essentials commercial establishments are shut and almost everyone who can are now working from home. This transformation from working with colleagues in an office environment to working in a home set-up is quite a challenge. At the office, there is work discipline without any disturbance from family members. However at home, how much you may want to avoid, there is always disturbance from family members, specially the younger ones as they do not understand why their parents have suddenly stopped going to office. The lockdown happened so swiftly that companies did not get time to properly prepare their employees for smooth transition to an online-only work culture. In this article, we will share some tips on you can adapt to a work from home lifestyle. wadhwa atmosphere o2

Create and follow a regular work schedule

When you are working full-time from home, it is important to have clear guidelines on when you should begin your work and when you should call it a day. Work from home gives the flexibility to incorporate other urgent tasks in your work schedule. You can start your day pretty early and also end it early, or you can begin working late and also end your day late. However, you must ensure that, as far as possible, you stick to a fixed schedule so that your mind and body get used to the same. If you keep on changing your daily schedule too frequently, it will affect your working pattern and productivity.

Chart out a morning routine

You need to make a promise to yourself that every morning at a fixed time, you will come and sit at your work station without fail. Once you’ve done this, you need to create a fixed routine to help you do this. You can set a to do list such as first having a cup of tea, then doing some exercise like spot walking to freshen up your mind. We suggest you don’t sit down for work in casual sleepwear like pyjamas, but change over to a comfortable cotton trouser and a light cotton t-shirt. During your official online meetings, it is a good idea to wear a formal shirt as it will recreate the situation of meetings conducted in the conference room when you used to work from office. The idea is to continue the existing morning activities and then start working after doing them. wadhwa atmosphere o2 mulund west

Fix the rules with other family members

Now that you’re working full-time from home, your family members will be always be around you. Remember, you have changed your daily routine but they have not. They will consider your working from home as an aberration and intrusion in their daily activities. Which is why it’s important to set some ground rules between yourself and your family members. Do not take on tasks which were being done by other family members earlier, such as taking the dog out for a walk, as it will affect your mind and your productivity. Taking on an unscheduled domestic task once in a while is okay, but making it a rule will interfere in your work and your official work will suffer.

Take regular breaks

Remember those lunch and tea breaks you used to take in office? Well, we suggest you continue them as earlier and don’t skip them just because you’re working from office. Also, since you are continuously sitting and working, you must get up after an hour and move around for five minutes for ensuring adequate blood circulation. Working long hours on your laptop or computer can cause Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome. To avoid this, every 20 minutes you must look at an object which is 20 feet away, continuously for 20 seconds, and then resume looking at the screen.

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