What Does It Mean to Have a Blank Thermostat?

Mean to Have a Blank Thermostat

Some people have a thermostat blank in their homes. They don’t know what it means to change the temperature and are unaware of how much energy they are wasting on heating or cooling. To help them understand, this article will go over some of the most important reasons why you have a blank thermostat.

  1. Dead batteries – Most digital thermostats will show when they go dead, but if yours doesn’t and it still works, replace the batteries. This is common in older units.
  2. Blank screen – If the screen is blank, the most likely culprit is that your thermostat just needs to be reset. To do this, find a small screw at the bottom of your unit and use a flathead screwdriver to pull it out and set your unit back to factory settings. This should restore normal functionality after you have re-programmed your thermostat.
  3. Faulty connection – Another common problem is that the wires from the unit to the wall are not connected properly or are loose. Be sure to check all connections and ensure they are tight before assuming this problem exists. Sometimes if you only have hot air blowing out of your vents, it is possible that the wires are loose as well. In this case, just turn the thermostat off and on again to reset it.
  4. Your Thermostat is Off – This is the only common reason that will involve you in a physical way. If your thermostat simply isn’t set to the right temp, then that is why it’s blank. Check your user manual for instructions on how to fix this problem if needed.
  5. A lack of power – It’s possible that there is no power running to your thermostat, and if this is the case, it won’t be blank; it will display a big red X. If your thermostat is on the fritz, be sure to call in someone who knows what they’re doing. Don’t mess with electricity if you don’t know what you’re doing or are inexperienced with home repair.
  6. Humidity interfering with the temperature reading – If you live where there are high levels of humidity or steam (like a bathroom), condensation may have built up inside your unit. This condensation acts like a lens over the screen and makes it hard to read.  If you try cleaning it off with a toothbrush or other brush, you will just make it worse by rusting the probe. In this case, purchase a new unit.
  7. CE error – Check your thermostat to make sure there isn’t a CE error message on the screen. This is an electronic error, but it may be able to be fixed by closing your unit and reopening it again. Get professional help for thermostat issues that can lead to HVAC troubles
  8. Broken probe – If all else fails, you might have a broken probe. Last resort: call service professionals who can replace or fix your unit.

If you aren’t able to figure out what to do by yourself, get professional help from a service provider of heating and air in Atlanta.

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