Most Popular Home Interior Designs in 2022


    Interior design enthusiasts, as well as those who are about to remodel their homes, are probably peaking at hot topics in this industry. Trends are constantly evolving and changing, but it doesn’t hurt to check what’s in style right now. The year 2022 has brought some interesting waves in home interior design, and some of them may be a great inspiration for creating a new, cozy and modern home for your family. The year after the pandemic has become a way of refreshment for all spheres of life, and people wanted to change the way they lived a pandemic life.  Here are the most popular home interior designs in 2022 – check out if these trends will dominate the next year as well.

    Nature in your home 

    As we mentioned, people wanted to break up with the pandemic life and bring a dose of freshness to their homes. Being tied to our homes has woken up the desire to bring nature inside, so natural elements have been everywhere in interior design in 2022. When it comes to materials, wood has won all the competitions, and you could see wooden elements all around. In general, materials and textures that imitate the outdoors are a major influence in interior design. Their imperfections add depth and character to the space, so we could see a lot of stone, marble, and clay as well. 

    Colors that bring the outdoors inside 

     When talking about colors, we’ve also got an absolute winner – it’s the color green. Shades of green are a major trend in 2022, especially the shades of gray-green, olive, and emerald green. These were used to remind us that the outdoors can be part of our indoor space, and it goes perfectly with wooden elements in your home. 

    Other popular colors include earthy tones such as deep orange, shades of brown and warm neutrals. These were incorporated into all kinds of spaces, from offices to living rooms, and go perfectly with different interior design directions. 

    A perfect blend of old and new 

    Vintage pieces are not reserved for traditional, old-style homes. Contemporary interior design also welcomes vintage items. One of the most popular home interior designs in 2022 includes a perfect blend of old and new, giving any space a true character. With mass production and similarities all over the place, people want to see uniqueness and individuality. Furthermore, the disruption in supply chains caused by the pandemic has reminded people that shopping for second-hand furniture and décor items can be very effective for making their homes look amazing. For that reason, picking one-of-a-kind pieces and incorporating them into a contemporary design has been a huge deal in interiors in 2002.

     Also, if you’re moving to a new home, don’t throw all the pieces away. Even though decluttering is an important step in the moving process, see if there are items you can repurpose to make your new place shine. There are tons of DIY project ideas online, so see if an old dresser can become a vintage star of the new home. 

    Common furniture instead of art pieces 

    Art has found its way into all the elements in our homes, even in the most common pieces such as coffee tables or armchairs. Interior designers are looking for furniture that resembles art, so sculptural and curved pieces are taking over the scene. Elegant lines, unusual shapes, and a combination of functionality, culture, and art is a major things in 2022. Such pieces can elevate the whole room, so even the most regular items around them look better. 

    Futuristic pieces 

    Even though going back to nature and our roots are still a thing, don’t forget that everything is advanced more than we can even imagine. Futuristic elements in homes are getting more and more common. Smart homes include last-generations gadgets that not only look sleek and cool but make our homes safer and maintenance easier. Robot vacuum cleaners, elegant air purifiers, and humidifiers are making our homes high-tech – and we like it! The future is here and we should embrace it for simpler and easier days in our homes. 

    Remember: if you already have some gadgets and want to move them to your new home, make sure you find someone to carefully deal with those delicate items. Electronics are particularly sensitive to tumbling, changes in temperature, and other factors and can get easily damaged during relocation. That’s why Ben Hur Moving and Storage NYC professionals advise you to take special care when packing and transporting those items, or hire an experienced expert to do that for you. 

    Local & sustainable 

    Taking care of our environment has made a huge impact on home design. Designers are looking for sustainable and locally sourced décor items and materials that won’t have to travel a lot to reach a certain home. This lowers the impact on the environment, and even though it seems like a small step, this trend is growing and making a bigger change each year. So, when shopping for furniture and décor pieces, look for local producers to be more eco-friendly, but also may spend less on decorating your home. Eco-conscious homes will continue to be in style in the following years as well, so it’s great to start thinking about it as soon as possible. 

    Multi-purpose rooms 

    Flexible interiors are taking the stage of 2022 and 2023 interior design. Rooms that have a dual purpose are getting more and more popular, as you can do more with the space you have in your home. And we’re not only thinking about creating a home office within your living room. Your kitchen can be a wine room, and your bedroom can include a small, but the functional home gym. Be open-minded with the space available in your home, and with some light layering, room partitions, and flexible furniture you can achieve a lot with once-predictable and plain spaces. 

    Final words 

    Home design is all about expressing your personality and lifestyle through the items in your home. That’s why these popular home interior designs in 2022 can serve as an inspiration for a project that will show the uniqueness of our style but also make you the coziest home there is.