Things to Remember When Renovating Your Washroom


The relaxation derived by standing under the hot showers or soaking in a bubble bath after a laborious day is incomparable. Bathrooms are often where most innovative ideas or plans come alive, they are where you find answers to all the questions you have contemplated over. Bathrooms are the most personal space accessible to people; and it is no surprise that most individuals are deeply connected to them! 

Keeping such valuable space aesthetic and neat is more of a duty towards self. Often bathrooms are considered last when it comes to refurbishing your residence. Renovating your bathroom is essential as it will complement your home décor and will also keep the infrastructure sound and safe. If you have been wanting to revamp your bathroom, there are a few things you must keep in mind. 

Below are mentioned 5 things to remember when renovating your washroom!

1] Decide the layout beforehand 

Determine the layout of your bathroom beforehand. You and the renovator you hire might not share the same ideas so it’s a good idea to communicate what you expect at the beginning. With Armoires En Gros bathroom renovation, you can get access to designers who listen to you and bring your vision to life.  They can also offer valuable advice and recommend layouts using their expertise. This discussion will create a blueprint for the further process and streamline it.

2] Determine your budget 

It is essential you figure out your budget beforehand. You don’t want to end up spending more than you can afford. Once you fix a budget, you can get other installations, fittings and bathroom accessories in accordance with your budget. 

3] Check for uniform flooring 

Flooring is not solely for aesthetics, but also for safety. You need to ensure they are sturdy enough to not crack and not slippery. The tiles come in a wide variety including vinyl, ceramic, porcelain etc. They should be laid down uniformly so water doesn’t get stagnated in one place.

4] Ensure there is enough ventilation

Ventilation is seldom considered when bathrooms are renovated. It is, however, very crucial. Several accidents have been caused in recent years due to lower ventilation and increased heat of geysers. If you can’t make provision for window, ensure you install an exhaust.

 Lastly; Fix smart faucets and shower heads and ensure plumbing is done well. Add systematic storage spaces and with all these, start your day on a positive note by augmenting your bathing experience with your revamped bathroom!

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