Three Helpful Tips to Create the Bathroom that you Love


Are you looking for ideas for bathroom remodeling chantilly, va? If so, you may feel overwhelmed by the choices available. You can find many beautiful designs from bathroom renovation websites and magazines, but which one is for you? Ideally, you will want a bathroom design that meets your needs. To create the bathroom that makes you smile whenever you look at it, the tips below can guide you:

Set a Budget

If you can afford to transform your kitchen into the style you want, you will want to make the most out of your renovation project. Bathroom renovation can cost as much as you allow it and it can spiral if you don’t have a solid budget. Your best option is to research local custom-building costs and set a realistic budget. This is made easier when you pick a Rénovation Renovco expert who provides fixed pricing instead of estimates. To create a budget, you must consider the possibility of selling your home in the future, the essential parts of the bathroom, and what you can afford to invest. 

Pick the Kind of Bathroom

Bathrooms are available in a wide range of shapes, layouts, and sizes. That is why you may want to explore your options before you decide on one. A reputable designer can help you see potentials you might have missed. Your choices of bathroom types include the following:

  • Standard bathroom. This bathroom contains a sink, a bath, toilet, shower, shower caddy or both
  • Half-bath. This space only has a sink and a toilet.  It can be fitted in the smallest spots, including closets and unused corners.
  • Wet bathroom. This kind of full bathroom has a shower that is not in a separate cubicle or behind a curtain. It is completely waterproofed, including the floor, walls, and cabinets. 

Create a Bathroom Layout

It is important to nail down the layout before you consider the bathroom’s aesthetics. You may want to keep the existing layout, if you like the general position of the tub or shower, toilet, and sink. Keep in mind that rearranging plumbing fixtures can drive up the cost of the renovation. Your design can provide design consultations and create a 3D rending of what the new bath will look like. Generally, you will only be confronted with a fewer layout choices if you have a smaller space. And more space opens up more customization opportunities. 

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