Pure and Perfect Look of the Best Looking Wickers


Wicker garden furniture has been widely used for years as a comfortable and attractive alternative to plastic furniture. In tropical or Victorian gardens in particular, wicker garden furniture traditionally does well, although wicker is no longer by definition old-fashioned and limited in its applications. Nowadays there are so many variants available that there is something for almost every garden. These variants not only differ in color, reed type and shape, but also in stubbornness and price. It is therefore important that you orientate yourself before purchasing wicker furniture perth.

Types of Reeds

In general, you can expect a light and strong product with wicker garden furniture. Due to the flexibility of the reed, you will also experience more comfort than with any other wooden garden furniture. However, the weather resistance of natural reed leaves much to be desired, which has led to the development of a synthetic alternative.

Natural reed: Natural reed also known as wicker reed can be made from rattan, willow, sea-grass and raffia. It is usually obtained from the sturdy stems of the rattan vine. This type is therefore referred to as rattan. Natural reed is flexible, strong and after pickling it is varnished to the desired color. What you should keep in mind is that un-lacquered reed in particular is less resistant to the influences of the weather. In particular, bright sun can affect the color, resulting in a dull discoloration. Mosses and fungi can get a chance under the influence of moisture. therefore preferably keep furniture made of natural cane indoors during the lesser seasons. You should also pay attention to any sharp edges with a newly purchased rattan furniture.

Artificial reed: Artificial reed is an artificial type of reed made of vinyl or synthetic resin. The material is made in very thin strips and then woven around a light metal frame into wicker garden furniture. Since the source material can be colored as desired, it does not need to be painted afterwards. This makes the material colorfast. It is also waterproof and therefore easy to clean: playing with water is usually sufficient. Furniture made of artificial cane has a long life.

All in all, artificial reed has many advantages over natural reed. Because it is woven by machine and the raw materials are cheap, it is often also cheaper than natural reed. The vast majority of wicker garden furniture today is made of artificial cane. The reason for choosing rattan garden furniture may be because it looks more authentic and can acquire a characteristic look over the years.


Well-maintained wicker garden furniture can last for many years. It is important here that energy is invested in preventing damage and updating the material in a timely manner. Maintaining artificial wicker garden furniture is relatively easy. If you have artificial cane garden furniture, you can easily leave the furniture outside all year round. Just rinse well in the spring and it’s ready to go again. in bad cases some soap will suffice.

Rattan garden furniture, on the other hand, should preferably be brought inside during periods of bad weather or provided with a protective cover. In the latter case, keep in mind that prolonged humidity promotes mold and mold growth. To prevent mold formation, it is advisable to regularly wipe natural wicker furniture with a damp cloth and then a dry cloth. In addition, check every year whether it needs to be stained or varnished again.

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