How To Lower Conflict In A Divorce?


All divorces are devastating, but too much conflict can add to the stress. To resolve a divorce peacefully and quickly, a couple must agree on certain things and keep things civil. However, not all people are the same. When you have an ex who wants trouble at every step of the process, the divorce can seem neverending. 

A problematic ex-spouse can turn even minor matters into destructive proportions. It can also cause irreparable loss to your well-being of both your physical and mental health. A divorce attorney Boston can help you understand how you can overcome these battles and protect yourself. 

How to lower conflict in a divorce

  • Be willing to communicate with each other. 

Communication is the key to solving all problems. It is noteworthy that not all people who talk to each other know how to communicate. If you and your ex lack the communication skills required to understand and compromise for each other, you are in the divorce process for a long time. When you do not communicate, you leave all the matters for the court to decide. This can lengthen the process and make you lose control of the situation. 

  • Be flexible and cooperative. 

You have to accept that some relationships do not work out, and divorces happen. However, you cannot let the grudges that you hold against your ex-spouse affect your decisions. Sometimes you might need to make changes or compromises in schedules to make this work. Co-parenting is not easy, and there might be some sudden changes that you may not expect. Being flexible and cooperative is the key. 

  • Stop trying to change your ex. 

Believe it or not, there is nothing you can do or say to your ex that will make them want to change their ways. Moreover, if you could not change them while you were married, it is very unlikely that you can change them now. No one likes being wrongly perceived and judged, especially when it comes from a past lover. However, your efforts to turn them into a different person may only create more conflict. 

  • Work together to reach an agreement. 

There is nothing more difficult than sitting with your ex-spouse, discussing matters of the divorce, and coming to an agreement. Deciding who gets what can develop some pretty ugly fights. If you and your ex-spouse are fortunate enough to be able to work on an agreement together, be sure to hire an attorney in Boston and make it legally binding. The last thing you want to do is create a verbal agreement without the presence of an attorney. 

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