What are the New Ways to Decorate the Above Space of your Kitchen?


If you have enough space, adding décor on the top of the kitchen cabinets can bring the room together. You have probably designed every part of your kitchen to look, feel, and function the way that you want. The problem is that the above-ground cabinet decor can be distracting from the rest. This space can be used to store more and add personality to the area, keeping it from feeling dull.

This space can also be decorated to make it feel bigger, especially if limited storage. This often-overlooked area can be used in a variety of ways. Now is the time to decorate your kitchen cabinets to match your decor and provide extra storage. In doing so, you can seek some help from cabinet refacing Redondo Beach, as they are expert in providing assistance in this kind of matter.

Once your kitchen cabinet La Habra is all set, you can opt for different decoration now for the above space of your cubbies.

You can display antiques and collections in the space above the cabinets. The tops of kitchen cabinet decor items are protected from the kitchen’s bustle. This is great for antiques or pottery collections. Keep them clean and dusty so they don’t get stained by the kitchen residue. Your art and collectibles can be placed above cabinets in a smaller kitchen to make it seem more significant. You can find art fairs and thrift shops in your area that may have additional art, pottery, or other pieces that fit the space. Even better, you can make your own unique piece for this space.

You can make your area stand out as well by adding signs, chalkboard paint, family drawings, child art and even a family emblem. You’ll be able to smile every time you see it, and your guests will also notice the signs. They can be seasonal or permanent talking points in the room.

For more about this matter, see in this infographic brought to you by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.

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