What You Should Keep in Mind When Buying Floor Lamps


Floor lamps are versatile and practical lighting fixtures that have a unique role. Often, they are a major fixture, which makes a significant impact on a room’s scenery. Union floor lamps are designed to offer a higher level of light within a living room. They suit a lot of applications and design styles. However, finding the right lamp for your home can still be daunting. Here are tips to help you find the best floor lamp:

Kinds of Floor Lamps

A floor lamp’s general setup is simple. It has a sturdy base designed to stand on the floor, a stem that extends from its base, and direct or diffused light. Floor lamps are available in various styles with unique functional benefits. Below are the different types of floor lamps you can choose from:

  • Ambient floor lamps. These lamps offer general light to a room. A traditional lampshade sits on top of the lamp and is meant to offer semi-direct illumination. These lamps are often placed next to a lounge chair or sofa or in a living corner. Typically, they let you read your favorite books nearby without straining your eyes.
  • Reading floor lamps. These lamps are designed to offer a direct, focused light. It can brighten up a desk, your favorite nook, or other areas you perform other everyday tasks. For extra versatility, find reading lamps that have adjustable capabilities such as a flexible arm and a tilting shade. This way, you can move the light from one place to another. 
  • Torchiere floor lamps. These lamps have upward-pointing shades. This style of shade’s unique direction makes the light an accent element that can add dimension to walls and corners.
  • Arc floor lamps. These lamps come with a stem that tends to extend up and out. With the adjustable stem, the shade can be moved directly over the room to give it more direct light. This makes arc floor lamps perfect for task lighting like working at a table or reading on a chair. 

Important Considerations to Keep in Mind

Every floor lamp has a unique aesthetic. You must pick a lamp that you find appealing and matches the room it will go to. Sometimes, floor lamps look good in photos; however, you must think about the scale and the way the lamp will appear in your room. When you purchase a floor lamp, consider factors such as the lamp’s cost, size, height, and floor light layer, 

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