Turn home into the office in 2022


Over time, the house is perceived as an eternal work. At home, it is harder than at the office to tune in to work. At home, there are many distractions from doing business: family, computer, TV, household chores. The first time you need to devote as much time as possible to achieve success.

At first, a home business is characterized by unstable income.

This is due to the fact that it is not always possible to unwind and express yourself. Thus, a business in a private home suits freedom-loving and stress-resistant people who can organize the whole process without paying attention to distractions.

Business registration (home-office)

Many mistakenly believe that a business in a private house can not be registered and operate on an informal basis. On the one hand, this is true, but then you become the owner of an illegal business.

And an illegal business is one that:

  • not registered with the tax authorities;
  • carried out without obtaining a license (if required);
  • violates the terms of the license.

But on the other hand, if your business is not systemic in nature, and the income received is so minimal that it barely covers expenses, then such a case does not need to be registered. But for personal reinsurance, you can register an individual entrepreneur or LLC. Choose the shape that best suits your idea and its scale.

Business ideas in a private house

In general, a business in a private house can be implemented in four areas of activity:

mini production

  • Service
  • Trade
  • Agriculture.
  • Doing YouTube

Separately, we highlight such ideas that can be implemented right in the basement. And let’s talk about them first. We use the basement for doing business in a private house. Many private houses have basements that residents use as a place to store vegetables, fruits and preserves. But for future entrepreneurs, it can be a source of income. At the same time, we need to talk about YouTub’ing. It’s important to start YouTube if you want to start a home office. It’s the biggest video engine around the globe. So, when you start putting content about the home-business, then you are trying to catch two rabbits. Create quality content (with good camera and editing skills), buy YouTube subscribers, stick with the calendar of video creation and stay consistent. 

In the basement, you can organize the following types of business:

Raising fish or crayfish

By placing special aquariums in your basement and buying fish seed, you can start breeding fish and crayfish at home. Such an idea is much more difficult and costly to implement than the previous one, but the game is worth the candle. With the right approach, as well as the availability of a sales market, you can organize a profitable business right in a private house.

Nuance: such a business needs to be given a lot of attention and ensure that mold and fungus do not appear in the room.

Growing flowers for sale

To realize this idea, you do not need to spend a lot of money and make enormous physical efforts. You will need to purchase a special greenhouse and seed. Monthly expenses will include electricity, water and fertilizer. Mostly women like to grow flowers, who quickly find buyers in the person of their girlfriends.