Restorative Dentistry in Buffalo Grove: Choosing a Stable and Dependable Solution


Losing a tooth can be one of the scariest experiences you will ever have, especially if it’s a front tooth. Apart from affecting your look, it can also impact your mouth’s function and your confidence.  You need strong teeth to chew your favorite food, speak clearly, and maintain the shape of your face. A smile gap can lead to your other teeth shifting, which will weaken the healthy ones. If you are missing a tooth, you must consult a dentist who specializes in restorative dentistry in Buffalo Grove to learn about dental restoration options and what’s best for you. Scheduling an appointment with a dentist provides you with the chance to ask questions on common dental restorations. These include the following:

Dental crowns

If you have a damaged tooth with a part still healthy enough, a crown can help you avoid losing the whole tooth altogether. Your dentist can place a crown over the tooth to keep it stronger and restore its original look. When taken care of properly, your crown should last for years. Typically, the crowns are made of ceramic, gold, or porcelain. Crowns made of metal and gold are quite durable and dependable. Those made from ceramic and porcelain are strong and provide discreetness, allowing for a natural-looking restoration inside your mouth. 

Implant-Supported Dentures

 While traditional dentures usually slide around your mouth, dentures supported by implants offer stable restorations to your mouth. They are an ideal option if you are missing teeth in a certain area of your mouth. 

Dental Bridges

If you have healthy teeth surrounding a gap in your mouth, a dental bridge can fill the gap. Often, bridges are connected to healthy teeth. Or you can choose to have an implant placed on a side to keep the bridge in place. 

Dental Implants

These implants offer a long-term teeth replacement solution. They feel and look like your permanent teeth. Dental implants have been proven to offer more security and stability than other dental restoration options. 

Dental Fillings

If you need a dental restoration solution for a minor tooth problem, your dentist may recommend a dental filling. The filling is placed once your dentist has removed decayed spots in your teeth. When sealed off with a filling, your damaged tooth will no longer experience further damage. Dental fillings are often used on molar teeth due to the big area available for placing the filling. Also, molars usually get damaged after years of chewing and grinding food.

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