How to Design Any Luxurious House That is Storage-Friendly Too


You can call any home luxurious when it is chic and sleek, also furnished with various expensive décor and textiles items. No matter what definition you may hold, the common image of any luxury apartment will be one that has an ample amount of space.

Now the question is how can you achieve that if you have a very small apartment? Let us see in this article, how you can maximise your available space athome.

One of the simplest ways to save time and energy is to engage experts. They specialise in renovation activities, especially in condo interior design where space is limited, and can help you in your quest for maximising your available space of the home.

  1. The dream design

The couple wanted to settle down and establish a family, therefore the design was actually based on a comfortable home with a certain touch of hotel elegance. They hired The Orange Cube, a design firm, to construct a welcoming home with lots of storage and to follow Fengshui guidelines set by a Fengshui master.

  1. Neutral colours

In keeping with their clients’ chosen modern aesthetics, the designers used a neutral colour palette of grey, beige, and black throughout the flat. Also, rose gold accents can contribute to the overall look of subtle luxury.

  1. One kitchen space

Because there were separate rooms for the wet and dry kitchen, the homeowners chose to combine them into a complete wet kitchen that ran from the entrance to the area of dining. The designers chose to add built-in appliances, e.g. the oven or wine chiller, to eliminate awkward corners and also maximise storage space, as requested by the homeowners.

  1. Customised storage

The designers used the unused space created by multiple bay windows inside the bedrooms into comfortable couch locations with unique storage.

  1. Smart bathroom décor

Dark grey tiles were generally used all throughout the bathroom, in contrast to any master bedroom. To give a natural touch to the bathroom, potted plants were installed to create a resort-like atmosphere.

  1. Choose sliding doors

The designers relocated slightly the bathroom entrance to accommodate a certain sliding door, which is a much sleeker choice because the homeowners found any hinged swing door difficult.

  1. Use your window space

The cost of renovating this 1,250-square-foot flat, including furniture and appliances, was $85,000. Find out how one couple outfitted their home for only $8000 if you are interested in buying your own furniture and all other decor.

A few key interior design tips that you can follow

Many homeowners often wonder how they can make their condo appear more spacious. Although there is no universal answer available to this question, however, there are a few universal tricks that can be done, which will always work.

The following are a few tips for instantly maximising the space of your condominium in 3 essential steps:

  1. Mirrors

No doubt, mirrors can always serve as a very standard trick for making any room appear much larger for some time. They can be great at creating a certain illusion of having additional space, so it is possible to utilise them as much you like.

Normally, the best way of implementing such items in the interior will be to place them just opposite your windows. When they will reflect the light, then they will create a certain sense of openness in your space.

  1. Lighting

Another very critical element that you can consider is your lighting. Based on your selection and overall concept, your lighting in the condo can either make or break the interior design.

The best way of avoiding that is perhaps to layer any different sources for illuminatingthe space. Spreading a very well-thought-out mixture of lamps, fixtures, and such can increase the impression of having more open space in the room.

  1. Functional furniture

Lastly, ensure you fill the home with a few multifunctional furnishing. By doing that, you can save your valuable space and also create more places to hide your unwanted stuff.

Besides, you can remove any unnecessary furniture that istaking up lots of space.

We hope with the above ideas that we have put forward in this post, you got enough food for your thought and can also implement it in your condominium in Singapore.


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