Nelson Partners Sheds Light on Housing Projects Meant for Modern Students


Student housing has evolved dramatically over the last decades.  Steadily student housing projects are focusing on living arrangements that mirrors the diverse, vibrant and digitally-based society. It is common to find universal Wi-Fi, study lounges, communal spaces and more at student housing units. As technology and lifestyle trends have transformed the way people live, work, play, and communicate, modern student housing projects developed by well-established companies Nelson Partners also tend to be designed while keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of contemporary students.

Subsequent to the Millennials, now Gen Z or Generation Z are entering the college campuses and student accommodation facilities. This generation brings with them a unique set of experiences and expectations, which have been influenced by a pretty cosmopolitan lifestyle and the usage of modern technology from a very young age. They are grown up in the era of social media sites and apps, and hence arrive at college with a different set of lifestyle preferences and privacy boundaries than any generation before. Student housing property developers hence today focus on creating residential environment that can facilitate socialization and engagement, while also providing the student a comfortable and cozy space to spend their college years in.

Student housing projects often have communal spaces that are build to encourage social engagement, foster a feeling of community, help students build relationships and make new connections, and even facilitate improved academic collaboration. These common areas are flexible and attractive, which makes the students want to keep visiting them. The design concepts for communal spaces can include kitchens, study spaces, lounges, laundries and more. Most of these spaces are equipped with comfy furniture that can be move or reconfigured with ease to accommodate diverse types of events, both planned and impromptu. Presence of pools and ping pong tables, green screens, outdoor grill and more indicate that student accommodation units of today differs drastically from the mid-twentieth century residences that most colleges used to have.

Electronic devices are a huge aspect of the student lifestyle today. Right from iPods and iPads to smart phones, Kindles and laptops, students expect to have Wi-Fi connectivity available across their student housing units to help in both academics and socialization. Offering high speed internet service is critical to a positive student experience and their ability to study properly, which after all is the key reason why they join a college.

All students are not the same, and hence so wouldn’t be their living preferences. Hence, leading developers like Nelson Partners typically try to have diverse range of units in a single property to satisfy many different living styles. By providing a variety of one-to-four-bedroom units within a building, they allow the students to live in a manner they want.  While some students would prefer privacy and want to live on their own, there are also many who want to live with their best friends during the college years.