How To Change Your Kitchen Furniture Fronts?


Do you want to revamp your kitchen easily and inexpensively? Change the fronts of your furniture for a result of the best effect!

Wondering how to revamp your kitchen without doing expensive renovations? Good news: a simple change of the fronts of your furniture is often enough.

How To Change Your Kitchen Furniture Fronts?

If the fronts of your kitchen furniture are made of wood, and you want to give them a facelift, here is a very simple solution: put a coat of paint on the fronts of your kitchen cupboards, and they will be transformed for a budget you can’t afford.

In addition, painting kitchen cupboards to give them a second life is not complicated: using an abrasive paper, start by sanding the elements you wish to repaint until the surface is bare drink. For a shiny finish, apply two coats of lacquer-effect glycerol paint. Resistant to humidity, this paint is ideal for your kitchen furniture. Avoid matt paints, which tend to deteriorate with frequent cleaning.

The Installation Of A Coating To Revamp The Cupboards

If you want to revamp the front of kitchen furniture but between painting and it’s not a great love story, know that there is an equally economical solution, but even easier to implement: adhesive coatings for kitchen furniture. As their name suggests, these ultra-thin coatings are installed without any work since all you have to do is flatten them directly on the fronts of the furniture to transform them and shape them in your image completely! Easy to maintain, they are heat and water-resistant and will dress up your kitchen cupboards as you wish; they can be removed very easily whenever you want to change the look of your kitchen.

Choose from the many available colors that meet your expectations: from sober white to dazzling cherry red, you will easily find what you are looking for! There are even adhesive coatings with a wood, stone, marble, concrete, or aluminum effect today.

Buying New Cupboard Fronts: Make The Right Choice!

If the fronts of your kitchen furniture are too old for your taste and you want a total change, don’t go overboard and replace them altogether. The major distribution brands offer fronts (for doors but also drawers) with standard dimensions, which you can easily adapt to your kitchen furniture after removing the old ones. Although more expensive, this solution is not devoid of advantages: it offers you total freedom of choice! You can decide between opaque or transparent kitchen furniture fronts when you buy kitchen units online for example, plain or with patterns, in bright or more subtle colors, with or without handles: the options are endless. Undoubtedly, your cupboards and other kitchen furniture will regain their former glory.

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