Things to Know Before Power Washing Anything 

Cobble Brick Driveway Pressure Washing by Worker.

Power washing is the best way to clean your patio, roof, gutters, or any part of the house. It helps you to get rid of dust, grime, algae, mud, or chewing gum. Power washing is often confused with pressure washing. But both are not the same. While pressure washing uses high pressure of water to clean the surface, power washing uses high pressure of water along with heating elements. If you want to opt for power washing, ensure to hire professionals like Zachs power washing for brilliant results. 

Power washing is for heavy-duty cleaning 

Power washing is a better way of cleaning that helps to deep clean a surface much better. It is used for cleaning extra-large or big driveways. If an area is very dirty and filled with grease, grime, dust, mosses, and other elements, power washing is your savior.

It will help you get rid of anything and everything making the surface squeaky clean and brand new. The heated water will loosen up the dirt and the pressure of the water will wash it away. 

While you are power washing, ensure the surface is hard so that it can withstand heat and pressure. 

The size of the Area

A power wash is better for cleaning large areas with a lot of build-up of salt, moss, grime, and other substances. As power washing is more effective than a pressure washing, cleaning larger areas will take less time. 

Commercial or home power wash 

There is a difference between commercial and home power wash. While you can either invest and buy a power wash and do it yourself, ensure that you maintain high precautionary steps while you are using it. 

It is better to hire a professional and ask them to power wash as they are well equipped and experienced in how to use power washing machines. 

Using a power washing machine without knowledge might ruin the surface and also hurt you. 

Things to keep in mind while power washing

As said, power washing can be dangerous. Here are some tips that you need to follow if you will be using power washing:

  • Do not spray power wash on the electrical outlet.
  • Do not spray in on any other person, plant, or animal. 
  • Use safety glasses while using them. 
  • Always start with the lowest setting. 
  • Start from the top and then gradually move.