How Often to Trim Your Lawn?

Trim Your Lawn

Trimming is one of the most favorable techniques to keep the lawn grass hale and hearty. The following post is everything about how frequently you need to cut the grass.

Keep In Mind the Grass Type

There are numerous types of grass out there. Some are very thin or thick and might develop at distinct speeds. Being familiar with the grass variant you possess is essential while deciding how to look after your yard.

A vast majority of yards in the state are Zoysia, St. Augustine, and Bermuda. For these grass variants, if you trim them twice a month, it can damage them. In addition, you’ll end up paying a higher price while you require changing it.

For instance, in case you trim twice a month, you must trim it down to the base. This will make the grass appear patchy and brown. You need to leave between 3 to 4 inches of grass as you mow your yard. Trimming it below this size will leave it prone to infection.

Advantages of Mowing Every Week

  1. Keeps the turf in fine condition.
  2. Keeps it convenient for the professional lawn mowing service provider to manage.
  3. Your yard will appear at its best all the time.

What Are The Essential Lawn Mowing Tips You Should Consider?

Following are the proper techniques for mowing your lawn:

  1. Keep the blades of your lawnmower sharp.
  2. If your yard or lawn has become overgrown, begin trimming it at the maximum setting on your lawnmower. Keep it untouched for some days and cut again a bit lower. Perform the same process again until you get to the optimal elevation for your grass variant.
  3. To achieve the most favorable outcomes, mow in the morning between 8 am to 10 am.
  4. Try to avoid mowing wet grass.

Common Lawn Mowing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

  1. Don’t mow in a hurry

You may tend to mow in a hurry due to your busy routine. This can make your lawn grass look patchy and bumpy. Also, rush mowing can leave ragged clumps of cuttings on the turf, making it look messy.

  1. Don’t trim like you always do

Changing the style in which you trim the grass will let the grass blades grow stronger and straighter. The blades are likely to grow in the direction they are cut.

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