Fire Watch Services


If you live in Southern California and are looking for affordable, high-quality fire watch services, our company is the best option. We’ve been in business for more than 15 years and haven’t had any problems in that time. We are known for providing dependable, responsible, and effective fire watch services in Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties. Our company fire watch services guarantee that your premises are legal and safe. Check official website over here: Fire Watch Guards

A fire watch must be set up whenever any necessary fire protection system, like a fire alarm, sprinkler, or fire pump, has been out of service for more than four hours in an occupied area. The person assigned to the fire watch must have access to at least one means of contacting the fire department in an emergency, and they must be solely responsible for the fire watch. The owner of the building must also use an impairment coordinator. An “Out of Service” tag is required for the connection to the fire department, the out-of-service equipment, and the fire alarm panel.

The general area under their watch is the responsibility of the fire watch personnel. The fire watchers are prohibited from carrying out any other responsibilities

In the event of a fire, fire watch personnel must be familiar with the facilities and the procedures for sounding the alarm.

Fire watch personnel must be trained in the use of fire extinguishing equipment, including practice on test fires, and must have it readily available.

Each floor, level, and room in the fire area must be covered by a sufficient number of fire watch personnel.

The licensed and bonded fire watch professionals employed by our company have undergone extensive training, education, and certification. When you contact us for fire watch services, we respond promptly—always within sixty minutes—with as many fires watch specialists as are required. The necessary log books and fire extinguishing equipment are on hand for our skilled fire watch personnel to carry out the task. In the event of a fire, they will immediately become familiar with your facilities and procedures for sounding the alarm. We ensure that the best course of action is taken in the event of an emergency by remaining in constant contact with you and the fire department until the assignment is completed.

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