What Are The Newest Materials Used For Making Window Cleaning Poles?


Windows make an important part of any household. It has a number of expected advantages, but most of all, it improves your home’s overall aesthetic appeal. This also makes it quite necessary that you keep cleaning them with more profound window cleaning equipment UK

While there are many innovative devices out on the market, a window cleaning pole is your best choice. Further mentioned here are some of the newer materials that are getting used to making window cleaning poles these days. 

  • Carbon Fibre:

More on the expensive side, these window cleaning poles are considered to be the golden standard. They are quite sturdy, lightweight and rigid, meaning you will have no problem using them. 

Although the expensive price point might deter you from buying this, it is hardly expensive considering the advantages you can expect. If you are looking to buy a carbon fibre cleaning pole, make sure you go for sizes above 50 feet. This is the perfect choice if you are a commercial window cleaner or live in a house with high windows. 

  • Ultra Hi-Mod Carbon Fibre:

If you want to one-up the aforementioned material, these are perhaps the only water-fed poles that can even compete. Made with high-grade carbon fibre and a much narrower pole thickness, these stay very rigid and are quite lightweight. 

If you have the budget for it, you will surely not find any other window cleaning pole as efficient as this one. You can find sizes from 40 feet to as high as 70 feet, in addition to the lesser strain it puts on your back and shoulders. 

These are the two newest introductions in the market of cleaning poles and are quite surely considered to be the best ones. Make sure you compare the prices and features of each before making your choice.