Table lamp: how to choose the best one in 2020?


Welcome to Atollo lamp! You will about a basic product here, but that adds a lot for you and your home. Lighting, decoration, productivity, comfort: today is the day to talk about the table lamp.

As essential as they are in homes, ceiling lamps cannot meet all of your everyday needs. Luminaires, on the other hand, can offer a brighter light for working, a clear but comfortable light for reading, a lower light for relaxing, even different lighting for decoration.

In this guide you will find everything you need to know about the product to find the right model: the best on the market, the varieties, advantages, disadvantages and even criteria to guide your choice at the time of purchase.

What is the table lamp?

The atollo table lamp replica for desk is basically a mobile (but not portable) source of light energy used for both decoration and objective lighting of the room. As they do not work with very high power lamps, they are usually placed on surfaces of medium heights, such as tables, hence their name.

In particular, the appearance of this type of luminaire was simply a matter of adaptation: the first concepts of focusing light arose in the 18th century, using the illumination of lamps and lamps.

What are the advantages of a table lamp?

By “controlling” the light, you can control the environment. With the right fixture in the right place, you can make the place what you want. You can also make it multifaceted, like a room with direct light at the computer desk and diffuse light at the headboard, for example.

As product designs evolve, they can be useful and aesthetically pleasing, such as a bold color or metallic-hued one.

There is also the issue of mobility. Yesterday’s home office luminaire can turn on tomorrow’s bedroom reading light. The beautiful bedside lamp on the bedroom bedside table may be missing for your outdoor seating, and so on.

However, there is a limit to the product. As sophisticated as the designs and ergonomics are, lamps are simple products.

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