Your Guide to Choosing a Foundation Concrete Contractor or Specialist

Unidentifiable hispanic men working on a new concrete driveway at a residential home

A concrete foundation is literally the building block for your home or commercial structure. Therefore, one of the key decisions that you need to make in new construction or renovations is that of your concrete contractor. The balance of your structure can be safely and solidly built on a quality foundation.

Read more to assist you in selecting a foundation concrete contractor or specialist.

Perform Online Research

Experienced contractors will be able to highlight the range of their abilities on their websites. Your first step is to enter into your favorite search engine – ‘concrete contractors near me.’ Or instead of near me, you can enter your town or county as part of your search.

Immediately, you should have information about how long the company has provided concrete services to their customers. Additionally, there should be tabs that delineate different areas of concrete work that they have completed. Make sure that the contractor refers to their knowledge of foundations.

Jot down the names of the potential foundation concrete contractors near you.

Verify Insurance and License to Operate

While you are on the websites of the potential contractors, check for notifications about their insurance and license. An experienced concrete contractor will proudly display on their webpage this information. A license demonstrates that the contractor has met the expectations of the town and/or state. They have provided information about their experience and training, so they have earned their license.

Just as you carry insurance, you want to make certain that the contractor is fully insured. Hopefully, your project will be accident-free, but if the rare instance of an accident occurs, you want to be protected.

Demonstrated Experience & Expertise

Not all concrete companies can perform all types of concrete work. Since you are looking for someone who can pour or repair a foundation, you want to find this information on the company’s website. Often, they will note that they work with or employ engineers to assist in site assessments, examination of the soil, and geological reviews of the project area.

All of these elements work together to determine which type of foundation and what materials will create the most solid base for your project.

Check Referrals & Recommendations

Now, you need to check on the contractor’s past job performance. Some concrete businesses will have customer satisfaction comments online. Others might have their BBB or Better Business Bureau rating. This rating is a great way to measure the successful job completion of a potential contractor. If there have been issues with the concrete specialist’s qualifications or quality of their work, there will be complaints filed with the BBB.

You can also call the contractor or complete an online form requesting information about their work on jobs similar to your project.

Materials, Pricing, and Availability

Narrow your list of potential concrete specialists. It is now time to obtain quotes for your project. Be sure that the estimates provided include the materials that will be used in your project. Lowest cost is not always the best option. Compare quality and experience in addition to the dollar amount.