What Is The Difference Between A General Dentist And A Family Dentist?


A patient can have various reasons to change their dentists. Specific reasons can be migration to a new town or searching for a dentist nearby, or maybe the current dentist does not offer sufficient health care. The reasons can be different, but a patient needs to decide whether they want a family dentist or a general dentist. 

Some patients think that having a family dentist is similar to visiting a general dentist. However, a few differences between the two make them different. To learn about the benefits of family dentistry, contact family dental in Aurora, IL

A patient is free to choose the type of dentist they wish. Below are a few points that will help a patient decide whether to choose a general or a family dentist. 

What is a general dentist? 

General dentists’ primary target is to provide a healthy smile to their patients. General dentists work under a 4-year undergraduate program before practicing, but they also have to work for three years under the dental school to become full-fledged general dentists. 

However, to complete their target, general dentists only take cases of patients with specific age groups. For example, if the dentist sees only patients above 16 years, the parents must carry their children below 16 years old to a pediatric dentist. Moreover, the patients must see that these dentists cover all the services they require. These include routine checkups, root canals, crowns, dentures, and more. 

How do we compare general dentists with family dentists? 

Just like general dentists, family dentists are highly trained and experienced. Family dentists also complete their degrees with the same qualifications before seeing any patients. The services provided by family dentists are almost similar to general dentists. 

The significant difference between these two is family dentists have specialized training to work with all age groups. Hence, the patient does not have to visit several dentists and can conveniently take their family to one family dentist. 

Family dentists try to educate their patients about regular cleaning of their teeth. Family dentists do everything from educating a child on how to brush and floss to guiding an older man on keeping their dentures clean. Moreover, family dentists also ensure that you and your loved ones get the right treatment. Your oral cavity is being checked regularly. There are no chances of gum diseases or other severe dental issues. 

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