What Are The Most Common Types Of Air Conditioners On The Market?


Knowing each type of air conditioning’s characteristics in the market is essential before looking for an “a/c company near me” and buying any of the equipment they offer. Only by being clear about the user’s needs and combining them with a suitable air system’s technical characteristics can we choose the solution that will guarantee us absolute comfort.

Split Air Conditioning

A compressor unit is located outdoors connected to evaporator units indoors. A split air conditioner is one of the most widespread air conditioning systems at the domestic level. When we talk about Split, we refer to the indoor unit of the installation that also requires an outdoor unit installed on the facade or balcony of the house to extract the hot air outside. A structure of this type can also have several Split units. In this case, we would speak of a MultiSplit system.

The most common is the wall or wall split air conditioners hudson oh. If installed recessed in the ceiling, it will be a cassette-type air conditioner, about which we will talk below.

Portable Air Conditioner Without Outdoor Unit

This type of portable air conditioner does not require installation, unlike splits or heat pumps that need an extractor’s placement outside. It is sufficient to place the hot air extractor tube manually in a window. Due to its specific characteristics, buying a portable air conditioner is indicated in second homes or rental apartments to cover clear heat waves or support a standard air installation.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning

It is a split system with an outdoor unit and several indoor units, which condition several rooms or a large room with a single outdoor unit. These systems process the air and thus modify the humidity and temperature of the room.

Ducted Air Conditioning

It is a centralized air conditioning system, generally embedded in the room or house’s false ceiling. The distribution of cold air (or hot air if it is a reversible heat pump) is carried out through ducts hidden in the false ceiling that ends in strategically placed and generally adjustable grilles through which the airflow exits.

Inverter Air Conditioning

The Inverter system is not a type of air conditioning but a quality or technology that regulates an air conditioning system’s mechanism by changing the frequency of the electrical cycle of its compressor. Instead of starting and stopping frequently, the compressor continuously rotates, which helps maintain a constant room temperature. Energy expenditure is ensured directly proportional to the required cooling capacity, thus avoiding unnecessary consumption and prolonging the compressor’s life.

Reversible Air Conditioning Or Heat Pump

We have mentioned these systems can be heat pumps that generate conditioned air by operating in a “reversible” way. The heat pump is a thermodynamic device that takes the heat present in a medium (e.g., air, water, earth) to transfer it to another higher temperature level (e.g., in a room to heat). Getting air conditioning with a reversible heat pump is the most efficient way to reduce space temperature since the heat pump always delivers more energy than it consumes.

Now that you know some of the main features of the most sold equipment on the market, you can continue searching for “a/c company near me” and buy the one that best meets your needs.

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