Tips from a Family Dentist to Make Your Child Brush His Teeth


A family dentist is someone, who has been trained and specialized to offer dental advice, services and treatment options to all members of the family. If you have a small kid at home, a family dentist can help you in a big way. We all know that it is challenging for us to make our children follow the dental hygiene routine. Sometimes, they may act stubborn and don’t want to brush their teeth. In such a scenario, you must consider Fairfield, ME family dentistry. Some of the tips given by these experts are mentioned below:

Make a habit of brushing together

It might seem difficult because you might have a busy schedule that you cannot spend time making your kid ready for the brushing. However, it is worth taking out some time and teaching him or her how to brush teeth properly. It is a matter of a few days, as he will learn to brush on his own after a few days only. This act will encourage kids because they will enjoy the company of their parents.

Explain to them what cavities are and how brushing can prevent them

No kid likes to have cavities. If you want them to brush their teeth regularly, you should educate them about cavities and how brushing the teeth regularly can prevent them. They must learn why oral hygiene is important for them and their overall wellbeing. Moreover, they should be taken to a family dentist on a regular basis so that the chances of getting cavities are reduced.

Sing a song with your kid

Sometimes, doing joyful things can make your child follow your instructions. For instance, playing his favorite song and singing it with him together can make him happy and he will be able to obey you. The studies have also shown that music plays a vital role in making a bond more special. Besides that, they will spend more time brushing their teeth until the song is being played. 

Place a mirror in the bathroom

Kids love to do playful activities in the daytime. Keeping a mirror in the bathroom will make them love themselves while brushing. This way, they will be able to see all their teeth properly. it will encourage them to clean them on a regular basis. 

By following the above-mentioned tips from a family dentist, you will make your child healthier and happier than ever before. 

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