Four Common Kitchen Design Issues and How to Solve Them


Poor kitchen design can prevent you from using your kitchen efficiently and seamlessly. However, the right design solutions will eliminate your stress and save you lots of time. If you are planning a complete kitchen renovation project, this offers the best opportunity to fix any issues in your kitchen. The following are common issues with kitchen designs and how you can with them. Knowing these will help you make a better and more functional kitchen for your family:

Insufficient Storage

This kitchen design issue is a result of poor planning. This can result in frustration, clutter, and mess. If you want to make the most out of your kitchen space, you must plan carefully and imaginatively and seek expert help, such as kitchen renovation specialists like Kitchenate.

The majority of modern kitchens are equipped with different kitchen tools and appliances. These implements have been difficult to organize. Fortunately, storage options have evolved to meet any such needs. To add storage to your kitchen, consider incorporating an appliance cupboard in your kitchen design. Also, invest in Kitchen Wholesalers cabinets to ensure you have enough storage. Secrete draws, spice racks, and other solutions are also widely available.

Poor Workflow and Layout

If you have a poor kitchen layout, you need to work harder. This can cause you to give up and stop enjoying this space in your home. Your kitchen’s workflow must consider your individual needs. A lot of people stick to the kitchen triangle rule which refers to the placement of the oven, sink, and fridge. However, for some kitchens, homeowners prefer to establish different zones for washing, preparing food, and cooking instead of getting the triangle lines right. 

Poor Ventilation

Every kitchen needs proper ventilation to eliminate steam, cooking odors, and smoke. Otherwise, the smell can linger on clothes, and furniture, particularly if your home has an open layout. 

When picking a ventilation system for your kitchen, find a high-quality model and the right ducting size. This makes sure it fits on your preferred hood. This will allow for a quieter and effective extraction. In turn, it will increase your home’s energy efficiency and keep your unit in good shape. 

Lack of Countertop Space

Your counter is important for many tasks you do in the kitchen. Having sufficient countertop space provides convenience and promotes safety. Think about how you use your countertop and plan for it. You need to have free space opposite the fridge and oven as well as on any place you plan on working.  

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